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(Sensitive) Sensitive Skin Complex 30ml


(Sensitive Skin)

Extraordinary and extremely soothing care concentrate. With skin defense complex plus long- and short chain hyaluronic acid for fortifying and moisturizing skin which is sensitive to irritants.


Distribute Sensitive Skin Complex preferably 2 x per day, onto cleansed skin in the morning and evening. Apply a suitable day or night care product on top.

Tip: Sensitive Skin Complex can always be used on its own whenever sensitive skin tends to develop an unattractive oily sheen.


• Skin defense complex: Highly-active plant extract consisting of active substances from; Cardiospermum halicacabum (balloon vine which grows in the tropics); Echium plantagineum (echium seed oil); Unsaponifiable constituents of sunflower oil (verifiably soothes, acts to combat redness, fortifies the skin's barrier structure)

• α-bisabolol: Soothing

 Isostearyl-isostearate: Shortened to ISIS; emollient based on replenishable raw plant materials; fortifies the hydrolipidic barrier via the cohesion of the lipids in the Stratum corneum and reduces the skin's trans-epidermal moisture loss

• Hyaluronic acid: Intensively moisturizing and moisture-retaining

• Saccharide isomerate: Moisture retention substance obtained from natural sugars; is firmly bound to the skin's keratin and leads to optimal skin moisturization thanks to its very good moisture-binding capacity

• Squalane: Obtained from plant-based olive oil, similar to the skin's natural lipid; is easily absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy; prevents dehydration (moisture loss); skin-smoothing

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